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About Apartments Dragić in Poreč property


Apartments Dragić in Poreč are a complex of five apartments with special attention on maximal comfort and providing a best experience for their visitors. Along with the standards offered by any room provider, guests visiting Apartments Dragić get free Wi-Fi, free parking, satellite television, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom with free cosmetic supplies and towels, as well as outer barbecue.


Apartments Dragić in Poreč are positioned just twelve walking minutes from the beach and slightly more than three kilometers from the historical sites of the city of Poreč. These distances represent a goldilocks zone: nothing is so far away for it to become an issue with people not prone to walking, yet nothing is so close for it to become an issue for people who are.


Apartments Dragić in Poreč give greater value for the money to their guests than other apartments in Poreč. Apartments Dragić constantly achieve truly great scores given by their guests and visitors, which is obvious as soon as one looks at the outstanding reviews on

Why Apartments Dragić?

Apartments Dragić in Poreč have years-long tradition of providing great quality accommodation services to guests who are willing to experience the of crystal-clear sea and untouched, breathtaking nature, to taste quality mediterranean cuisine or to investigate the rich culture and history of the city, whose biggest pearl is Euphrasian Basilica which was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Because of this passion for providing quality, Apartments Dragić were recognized as the property that provides best value for the money in the city of Poreč. In addition to that, Apartments Dragić constantly get the best score for the quality of their accommodation and hospitality of their owners, which is a reflection of the willingness to ensure the best possible experience for their guests.

Apartments Dragic in Porec provide the best value for money.





Address: Jadranska ulica 12,
Poreč, HR, 52440
Phone number: +385 98 9228 228
Phone number: +43 664 5411538